Library Guidelines in the New Normal

  1. No mask, no entry inside the library.
  2. When you enter the library, an alcohol disinfectant will be available at the door.
  3. The librarian will scan your ID for time-in and time-out to track contact tracing and library usage data.
  4. Do not sit at the marked chairs.
  5. A physical distance of at least 1.5m shall be strictly observed inside the library.
  6. Users are welcome to stay at the library beginning 8:00 am to 5:00 pm for having the time to disinfect the library.  They are only allowed to enter four times each day.
  7. To return borrowed book/s taken outside the library, please place them in the drop box.  The book/s will be sanitized before returning to the shelves.
  8. Computer workstations in the library shall be disinfected before and after use.
  9. Borrowers are encouraged to use the online resources and services of the library.


A valuable, dynamic, and responsive Learning Resource Center for the creation, acquisition, preservation, and consumption of relevant materials in support of research and knowledge creation in the areas of aviation and its allied disciplines.


We are the Learning Resource Center, a valuable, dynamic, and responsive partner of the College community tasked to:

1. Build and maintain a substantial collection of learning resources in different formats to support the academic pursuits of our learners.

2. Provide a learner-centered physical environment to facilitate optimal learning.

3. Explore the changing educational needs of our learners, and implement possible, innovative mechanisms to serve them effectively and efficiently; and

4. Holistically implement ALIAC’s core values of FIDES i.e., Faith in God, Integrity, Discipline, Excellence and Social Responsibility.


The Air Link International Aviation College Learning Resource Center (LRC) in general, aspires to create, develop, and maintain an environment conducive to intellectual scholarship and nourishment to encourage academic use of resources leading towards preparing students for meaningful service in their fields and specializations. The ALIAC Library is vent on fostering student maturation in knowledge, information literacy and lifelong learning.


Specifically, the ALIAC is drawn towards achieving and fulfilling the following objectives: 

1. To develop collections of materials that support, enrich, and satisfy the curricula and research needs of ALIAC community.

2.To encourage use of the library and its facilities by the ALIAC community.

3.To aid and instruct library users in the use of the library and to serve as a basis for providing access to information, programs, and services.

4. To investigate the changing educational needs of the community to serve as a basis for providing access to information, programs, and services.

5. To provide reference and research services through a variety of means, including printed materials and electronic resources.

6. To provide opportunities for encouraging the students to develop the habit of reading through varied activities that promote the appropriate culture of reading.

7. To explore on possibilities for venturing in activities that relate library work to archives and museum services.