Online Borrowing/Returning Of Books And Non-Print Materials

1. The borrower will search and select book they wanted to borrow at the Online Public Access Catalog via

2. Email the requested book at the library email address, specifying the following details:

2.1. Name of the borrower

2.2. Title of the book

2.3. Author of the book

2.4. Call number (as provided in the OPAC)

2.5. Date of Pickup

2.6. Date of Return (maximum of 14 days)

3. The librarian will receive the email and send confirmation message.

4. The librarian will prepare the requested materials for pick-up.

5. The borrower will pick-up the borrowed book at the College's lobby or by booking a courier service of their choice. (Note: the borrower will be the one to book and pay for the courier fee)

6. On returning the borrowed book, the borrower will drop the book at the designated drop box or through the guard at the College’s lobby.

7. The librarian will claim the book and chek-in at the library system.

8. The librarian send email to the borrower for acknowledgement of return book.

9. The book will be sanitatized before to return back to the shelves. (Note: during pandemic only)